What Is A Paralegal?

Paralegals are legal assistants. They help to prepare lawyers for trials, corporate meetings, hearings, and closings. The majority of paralegals will work for law firms, government agencies, or corporate legal departments. Even though most will work to obtain a degree only a certification is necessary to work in this field.

There are many things that will be delegated to a paralegal. The most common is the research of laws and judicial decisions that are used during a case. It is their job to organize the case documents for the attorney and to prepare the reports for the lawyer to use in order to make any recommendations on a case.

It is also their job to prepare documents including motions, pleadings, and affidavits. The duties that are assigned to them will vary depending on the type of office that they work for. Some will also know how to draft contracts, mortgages, and separation agreements. Others might be skilled in estate planning and tax preparation services.

According to the law a paralegal is not allowed to take on certain responsibilities that are said to be only for the lawyer to do. This includes presenting a case, providing legal advice, and setting down a set legal fee. So many people are entering into this field that it is becoming more affordable to use them instead of lawyers depending on the problem.

There are many different areas that one can go into. The most common include; labor law, immigration, personal injury, and criminal law. It is not uncommon for them to specialize in one field such as litigation, bankruptcy, real estate, and corporate law. They will perform the majority of their responsibilities inside the office or at the law library.

A paralegal must have skills in documentation, presentation research, and investigation. They need to understand the various legal terms and have exceptional computer skills. They must have a strong work ethic and understand that each case is private and no information must be leaked to the public.