Steps To Becoming A Paralegal

If you want to work with the law – but don’t feel that you would make a good lawyer than why not try to become a paralegal. In this job you will be in charge of assisting attorneys with their research, writing reports for them, and doing other types of work that will help them to prepare for a case. If this is something that you are interested in than learn what it will take to become one.

If you are in still high school than speak with your guidance counselor and ask them for any recommendations that they might have. Ask them for a list of colleges and schools that have good paralegal programs that offer degrees or certificates.

To help you narrow down the right school to use it is best to study the programs that they have, how much it costs, and whether or not their programs have been approved by the ABA – American Bar Association. Be careful because some colleges are not approved.

You will have two choices when trying to get a job in this field. The first is to become certified through a program that is created for high school graduates. The other is to go through a two or four year college program. While having a certificate can be enough the majority of paralegals have their bachelor’s degree. This will help when trying to work for large organizations.

It is important to choose a specialty in the legal field that you would like to work. This is important if you wish to work at a large firm or for the government. You can choose from corporate law, criminal law, real estate law, and patent and copyright law.

To be more efficient at your job you need to have experience and knowledge in online computer research and legal software programs. You will be surprised just how much of your work is done using a computer.