Patent Paralegal Training

There are different types of paralegals just like there are different types of lawyers. The training for all paralegals is the same when they attend the American Bar Association and receive their certificate. It is what you do during that time and after wards to hone your unique skills that will determine what field you should do.

For people interested in becoming a patent paralegal it would be best for them to pursue classes in intellectual property. According to the United States Patent & Trademark Office, intellectual property is the creation of the mind. Any creative work or idea that is embodied into a form that might be shared and can help others to manufacture them. Patents are one of four ways to protect this property.

A patent paralegal must have knowledge in all areas of intellectual property. A patent is specifically a property right that is granted by the Government to the inventor. This excludes others from being able to make, use, or sell it at least for a short time. Once the patent has been given the inventor has the right to sue anyone who tries to take it from him.

In this job field you will be assisting patent attorneys, agents, and legal analysts to prepare and file documents with the Patent and Trademark office all around the world. It will be your job to contact investors, clients, and any vendors. You will also put together calendars and perform docket correspondence with the PTO.

While you are attending school try to work at a patent law firm or corporation. Most of these agencies will be happy to hire an intern to work for them. If you can work full time without making money and going to school full time than take advantage of it. You might even have a paying job when you finish school.