Family Law Paralegals

It is the job of a paralegal to research and put together legal documents that attorneys will use when trying to win a case. The only thing they are not allowed to do is offer legal advice and get paid for legal services. The best way to find a stable job at a law firm or other company is for the person to specialize in one area of the law. Family law is one of the many areas to choose from.

There are a number of programs you can go through that will help you to earn a bachelor or associate degree in family law paralegal studies. A community college will offer a certificate program that is taken by someone who has already earned a degree – but wishes to take specific courses.

According to the National Federation of Paralegal Associations it is necessary for future family law paralegals to gain around twenty-four credit hours. To do this they must take specific courses that will teach them what goes on and the terms to learn.

One of the best ways to learn is from hands on experience. Try to find an internship at a law firm while in school. This will allow you to work closely with attorneys and other paralegals. It is also a great way to establish yourself in that firm and to get a job there when you are finished with school.

Advanced certification is one of the more common ways that paralegals will use when specializing in family law. There are a number of professional associations that will offer these programs. However, most will require between two to five years of professional experience.

Remember that these certificates must be renewed after a few years. This helps to keep people from falling behind on any new rules and regulations that have been set up.